Why Whinlatter?

Why Use Classrooms in the Forest at Whinlatter? 

  • We have exclusive access to the blindfold trail and the Centre pond.
  • We cover the cost of coach or mini-bus parking, normally £8.00 per vehicle.
  • We won’t leave you out in the rain for a soggy lunch.
  • We have a team of experienced educators and teachers to assist you.
  • We have a wide knowledge of the special environment that is Whinlatter Forest.
  • We can advise you on your whole day at Whinlatter, from the moment  you arrive to the moment you leave.
  • Our tutor/rangers have the classroom at their disposal and know when it is in use by other establishments.
  • We can provide you with site specific risk assessments. We also do pre-visit site checks on the day of your visit.
  • We ensure that the materials for activities such as shelter building are in the right place and that the mini-creatures wriggle.
  • We aim to inspire as well as giving your students a  great time.   



Our Logo.

FCCF logo 2016


The green conifer tree indicates the forest and is central to our teaching. Trees create oxygen, are vital in maintaining climate stability, help stop erosion, provide habitats for wildlife, give us timber for constructions and are places of recreation and renewal for people.



The white triangles illustrate the high mountain peaks – Whinlatter is the only Mountain Forest in England with the pyramidal peak of Grisedale Pyke dominating the skyline.

The clear clean air of the Northern lakes is evidenced by the pollution-sensitive plant life growing within the forest habitat.



The gold background shows the sun – the power house that enables all life and charges all the processes of the planet with its energy. Everything is connected to everything else.



The blue circle rim accentuates the major role water plays in the area – high rainfall sustaining the unique Temperate Rainforest habitat. Whinlatter is part of the catchment area feeding the fast running streams leading to Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite Lake.



The outer orange rim can be seen as our reaction to the world we live in. We can be set afire with the desire to know and understand, and be kindled into awe and wonder about our complex beautiful biosphere, desiring to become its stewards. We also have the power to destroy it through ignorance and greed.



The world in balance is a beautiful place full of discovery, fun and lifelong learning. It can be enjoyed by everybody, all levels, all age groups, all backgrounds, in groups, teams, families and individuals.


Classrooms in the Forest welcomes everybody to the Forestry Commission Woodlands.



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