The unique Mountain-Forest environment of Whinlatter means that KS2 children can use the experience to build up knowledge, skills and an appreciation of the wild, whilst comparing and contrasting what they see with their own school and home. It’s usually very different!

Using different parts of the Forest as outdoor ‘Classrooms’ our Rangers introduce children to a wide variety of learning and activity from team- building to science to language.


Just contact us to discuss your class interest and we can advise how best to use your time in the Forest for learning, enjoyment and a lasting love of the great outdoors.

Here are a few of the programmes that teachers and leaders have requested:

Mini-creature Safari –We use our knowledge and expertise to search for the un-noticed creatures of the World. We visit our specially constructed mini-creature hotels to look for the small creatures of the land and then dip in the pond to find creatures in the water.

Lens Lessons – Use our equipment, hand lens and binoculars to explore the Whinlatter world of living things. Tuition will be given on how to handle the equipment and then new worlds are explored. Micro to macro habitats visited .

Forest and  Fell – The mountain environment – rocks beneath,  plants, food chains and webs

Team building – co-operate to design and build stick structures! Follow a trail – easy – but not when the Blindfolds are on!

Vikings – Colonising Cumbria – Place names, hunting/gathering skills,

Anglo Saxons – The ‘fathers of farming’ – comparing rural life then and now.

‘War and Trees’ A Forest walk to find out more about the fascinating history of the Forestry Commission and our State Forests and their increasing importance today.



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